PIDGraph – Digitalization of brownfield documents

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The next generation of plant documentation

Virtual plant models - so-called digital twins - are now the measure of all things in plant documentation. With their help, it is possible to locate all important data in mere seconds. They thus make it easier to comply with operator obligations, accelerate plant modifications and allow for entirely new efficiency enhancement applications through a connection to the Internet of Things. But the conversion of plant documents into a digital form is costly both in terms of time and money. This is where the new digital solution PIDGraph comes into play.

PIDGraph is operated through a convenient web interface to which P&IDs can be uploaded as image files, PDFs and in DWG format. With the help of Artificial Intelligence PIDGraph then identifies objects, tags and charts and automatically converts them into XML files in accordance with the DEXPI standard. This ensures compatibility with common CAE tools in which the digital P&IDs can be further processed and, if necessary, linked to additional information and documents.

The process

Automatic conversion of piping and instrumentation diagrams into digital versions

Documents and charts (as XML file in accordance with ISO 15926):

  • labeled
  • searchable
  • scalable

Export to 3rd party systems

Your advantages

50% cheaper than previous solutions

High degree of scalability

As service or as project

„A lot of information is still on paper and in the head of the elderly employees. The need for easy and efficient storage and findability is increasing.“

Cor Soetens, Senior Consultant Asset Management & Reliability

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