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Our knowledge platform for the process industry

Industrial Tube is developed to capture, secure and share the knowledge that your organization has gained over the years. The platform makes sure that the video is of a high quality and can be filmed with every device. After that, the software behind puts the sequences together and finishes the clip. Automatically, subtitles will be generated and the video will be stored in the right category. After that, the video will be published and is on air. The platform is secured, so only employees of your company can get access to the videos.

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Whitepaper Industrial Tube

With Industrial Tube from BILFINGER DIGITAL NEXT, expert knowledge can be shared within the company by video. Simple, fast, worldwide and without language barriers. This improves the quality and safety of work processes.

The Industrial Tube App

The advantages of Industrial Tube

  • Quickly share expertise
  • Simple application without previous knowledge
  • Observance of quality and safety standards
  • Worldwide usability
multilingual communication possibility

That's how it works:
Using the Industrial Tube App on data glasses or on your smartphone, you can film the individual steps of your work and upload the video to the Industrial Tube Web Portal. A simple step-by-step instruction supports the recording.

The system automatically adds multilingual subtitles and keywords and finalizes the video to the finished clip.

Video Capturing

Video templates to secure high-quality recordings with any device



Automatically extracted content-related statements

  • Voice-to-text
  • Keywords
  • Optical text recognition (OCR) within the video

Rendered Video


Access to video library with AI search functions for video content and automatic translation

„Industrial Tube allows you to capture the knowledge that gives you competitive advantage and gives you the ability to keep this knowledge within your company.“

Franz Braun, Managing Directing Officer BILFINGER DIGITAL NEXT

Proof Point Use Cases

Case study video