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Evaluate your digital status

The Digital Maturity Assessment

Our Digital Maturity Assessment (DMA) serves as the starting point for your digital transformation in production and maintenance. Knowing your current status is essential to identify your potential in operational excellence. After completion of the assessment you will be able to monetize digitalization by knowing your quick wins and big bets. This allows developing an efficient strategy and implementation plan.


DMA Whitepaper

It is not only about technology

Defining the road ahead maximizes the return of your investments and avoid expensive experiments. Knowing your current digital status makes your decisions effective. In our Digital Maturity Assessment we target the delicate balance for a successful Digital Transformation, focusing on:

  • People​
  • Process​
  • Technology


The advantages of a Digital Maturity Assessment

  • Understand your stage, potential and how to get there
  • Strategy defines success
  • It‘s not about technology, it is a holistic approach
  • Identify your quick wins and big bets

We evaluate your digital status and potential - structured and within 4 weeks only

The Digital Maturity Assessment follows a structured and objective approach. As part of a kick-off meeting, the company-specific advantages and goals of the DMA will be developed on site together with the customer. In the assessment itself, the questionnaire evaluates nine company-relevant dimensions:

  • Strategy
  • Governance
  • Leadership
  • People
  • Organization
  • Smart Maintenance
  • Smart Operations
  • Smart Factory
  • Technology

After completing the interviews, the consultants from Bilfinger Digital Next will analyze and visualize the results and, together with the client, derive the identified potential and quick wins together with the big bets. In a subsequent value workshop, concrete opportunities are developed in order to sustainably promote the company's success based on the identified potentials.