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A Simple Way to Check the Pulse of Critical Assets

More time for important items with intelligent asset monitoring

Data-Based Maintenance: Asset Monitoring

It is vital that critical assets are monitored permanently and remotely. Information on the status of a pump, for example, originates from a multitude of different systems. Often, these disparate information systems are not coordinated with each other and thus all provide alerts individually. This can lead to an overflow of information and inefficient work processes. Too many false reports can quickly result in alarm fatigue and important notices are no longer followed up on or they are followed up on too late.

The intelligent asset monitoring in BCAP (Bilfinger Connected Asset Performance) combines the data from the various systems and ensures that only the really important information is passed on. In conjunction with Bilfinger Maintenance Services, initial instructions on how to rectify the problem can also be sent to the CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System).

The Goal
The Challenge
The Solution

Scalable monitoring solutions to ease the burden on operational units

Intelligent data-based asset monitoring only issues alerts when they are actually relevant. This results in leaner processes, a more transparent information base and more time for production and maintenance to focus on other important items. This increases availability and reduces the risk of unscheduled downtimes.

Caught up in ad hoc issues and distracted from comprehensive solutions

Data-based maintenance and the resulting efficient asset monitoring means an expansion of the technology used, the adaptation of processes and the training of employees. Many operating units, however, are already swamped with a host of complex and isolated tools. IT, production and data science do not work across the board and the experts are too busy in their daily tasks to tackle strategic issues.

A digital transformation of the asset management organization

The foundation of the solution is the optimal coupling of data from the process control system, the ERP system and the CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) on the cloud-based BCAP platform. This data is correlated and, in combination with Bilfinger's maintenance expertise and asset management know-how, translated into specific instructions and improvement options. We help you achieve a comprehensive digital transformation of your asset management organization.

Reducing Costs with the Right Expertise

The combination of technology and Bilfinger services reduces the efforts of your employees over the long term. With our global network of maintenance planning, asset management consulting, reliability engineering and industrial data scientists, we work together with you in agile work processes to develop a digital asset monitoring strategy. This allows you to concentrate on your core business.

BCAP Use Cases for Efficient Asset Monitoring

  • Use Case #1: Oil quality monitoring for compressors

    The quality of the lubricating oil is a crucial parameter for the longevity of a compressor, for example, and is usually assessed by manually measuring the concentration of antioxidants in the oil every 3 months. This means it is possible that a sharp drop in the concentration, for example when the oil temperature increases, could be measured too late and damage may already have been done. Using the Virtual Sensor, the quality of the lubricating oil can be dynamically calculated from additional data with the help of machine learning. The remaining service life of the oil can thus be predicted at an early stage and oil deposits can be prevented in good time by taking preventive measures.

    Virtual Sensor

Business Cases