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Operational Process Optimization

Less expenses, more effective plants. It works — with our digital solution for the process industry BCAP®. This enables us to make maintenance and operational processes in industrial plants more transparent and smart. In just six months.

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BCAP is also part of the Microsoft One Commercial Partner Programm. Microsoft is our strategic partner to ensure the availability and performance of our AI-based solutions for the process industry.

BCAP® in practice

BCAP® Solutionstore
Industry-proven applications on demand
BCAP® Customapp
Tackle any specific business issue
BCAP® Improve
Holistic support on you digital journey

With the BCAP® SOLUTIONSTORE you are able access predefined software and service solutions on demand. Unlock hidden insights from isolated data by using the latest technology. With remote consultancy from our domain- and data science experts, we will add value to these insights. With BCAP® your data is secured end-to-end based on leading industry standards.

With BCAP® CUSTOMAPP we enable you to co-create a one-off custom application for a specific use case. We tackle your business issues together by jointly defining use cases based on your specific business drivers. By complementing your competences with the Bilfinger Group and our data science experts, we guarantee a quick viable product.

BILFINGER DIGITAL NEXT brings software development and domain knowledge together. With the competences of the Bilfinger Group and our data science experts we create insights, define actions and implement improvements specific for your business by using BCAP®. By providing the platform and driving improvements together with you, we increase business value top- and bottom line. Direct investments are not necessary as we offer BCAP®, including consultancy, as a service based on a monthly fee. Based on our expertise, we guarantee delivery of strong and viable business cases.

Use Cases

Virtual Sensor – Process stabilization


Throughput limitation and product declassification on belt filter due to offline moisture measurements on 3h intervals

Our solution

Smart virtual predictive moisture sensor using  different data tags in 1-min intervals

Plant Intelligence – Holistic view for sustainable improvements


Replace legacy Asset Information Management System for global asset base performance monitoring

Our solution

World class, role based plant intelligence solution plus our services to drive continuous plant performance improvement program

Dynamic Thresholding – Adaptive condition monitoring


Minimize bearing failures on hydro power generators that cause 2 months of unplanned outage

Our Solution

Smart early failure predictor, signaling vibration levels being outside threshold envelope



Creating one central maintenance hub for oversight of 100+ remote hydro power assets in Sweden

Our Solution

BCAP® IMPROVE | Custom reporting and monitoring dashboards guaranteeing Asset Health through Smart Alerting and condition based Asset monitoring



Create a state-of-the-art digital plant as a lighthouse example of digital transformation (and boost OEE to the next level)

Our Solution

Digitalization Plug and Play in 8 months through a joint cooperation to pilot our solutions such as BCAP® IMPROVE

„During the Taste, we are searching for a reliable and sustainable business case. To do this, we only ask existing plant data, our data scientists will do the rest.“

Erik Broere, Manager Operations BCAP®

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