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  • Cost reduction through predictive quality: Put out the fire before it spreads
  • How to efficiently re-gain control of your P&IDs through digital migration
  • Bilfinger Connected Asset Performance: Demonstration of Data-Driven Decision Making (including a product demo)
  • How to optimize Energy Management?

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BDN Webinare

Webinar: Key Factors to Optimize Asset Performance in your Plant

The webinar addresses the vital steps and key success factors to execute a digitalization project and optimize asset performance based on data science. In this webinar, you will learn:

  • About the key factors of a successful digitalization pilot and what pitfalls to avoid
  • How to identify the most effective projects for digitalization
  • What you can expect from data science for asset improvement
  • Who should be involved in a data science project
  • How to successfully manage a data science project

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Webinar BCAP

Industrial Tube: Empower Your Workforce to Preserve the Expertise in a Plant

Expertise in industrial plants might get lost because of an increase of retirements or fluctuation in the next years. This webinar explains how to use videos for knowledge management within industrial processes, you will also learn more about:

  • How change management can be a successful driver to share and contribute knowledge
  • How you motivate your workforce to use video recording to make expertise available
  • How a knowledge sharing video app and platform like Industrial Tube empowers the workforce
  • How industry and quality standard are met with an intuitive mobile app


Webinar Industrial Tube

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