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Digital Bite: Lunch & Learn

15 minutes learning nuggets on the digitalization of the process industry

For more curiosity and expertise

Stream our new Lunch & Learn sessions anywhere and anytime. Only take about 15 minutes and learn about concrete digitalization topics from our experts. Every 4 weeks, we will publish a new session on air. Register to our newsletter to be notified!

Data Science in Industry 4.0 - ​Chances and Limitations​

Data Science is like magic: it delivers new insights from Big Data with Artificial Intelligence - and is even able to look into the future. Right? The possibilities are often described, but what do you need to consider for Data Science projects in practice so that magic becomes reality? What is often underestimated?

Learn in this 15-minute on-demand Lunch & Learn session from Biena Mathew, Senior Data Scientist:

- about the 6 phases of the Data Science project cycle

- about chances & limitations

- about details to be considered in each step of a Data Science cycle

Edge Computing in IIoT projects: Bridging cloud and on-premises solutions

The understanding and acceptance of cloud solutions have grown in the past years. However, when it comes to IIoT projects – especially in a “sensitive” industry like the process industry – there are still constraints on the design of the infrastructure. Edge computing now allows the combination of both worlds advantages: cloud solutions and on-premises solutions.

Learn in this 15-minutes on-demand Lunch & Learn session from Thomas Steiner, IoT and Big Data Engineer, and Dr. Marcus Götz, IoT and Big Data Lead Architect.

- What edge computing is and how it benefits IIoT projects

- About the detailed infrastructure and architecture design

- How the two worlds of cloud and on-premises can be combined in practice

How to develop a vague digitalization idea to a scalable business model?

Many companies get stuck in the PoC trap when trying to implement digitalization initiatives. As a digital start-up, Bilfinger Digital Next learned to transfer vague digitalization ideas into scalable business models.


Learn in this 15-minutes on-demand Lunch & Learn session from Martin Bergmann, Director Product Management, about his experience on how:

- Bilfinger built scalable digital solutions and what obstacles they had to overcome

- where the process industry is currently standing and where the biggest potentials are

- and how important topics like platforms, graph analytics and contextualization will become in the future

How to Run Easy Preliminary Analyses without Deep Data Science Knowledge

Operation teams and process experts often know the improvement potential of their plant, but lack the Data Science know-how to grasp the benefits from the available data. On the other hand, Data Scientists often lack process knowledge to reveal the potential in the data.

Learn from our Digital Consultant Taede Weidenaar in this 15 minutes on-demand use case:

- how an easy to use tool can help process experts to create a pre-analysis

- how to apply domain knowledge to identify significant insights in the process data

- how to use an analysis tool integrated in BCAP to discover capacity gains in production in a real use case

Working Agile at Bilfinger Digital Next: The Spotify Approach

The discussion is less about questioning working agile, and more about the HOW, when it comes to digital innovations and development. The advantages are clear, but how can you transform into an agile organization, allow your teams to be more self-sufficient, self-organized and thus more efficient?

Learn from our expert and agile process owner Pradeep Tharakan in less than 15 minutes:

- what agile framework Bilfinger Digital Next chose to increase efficiency

- what the Spotify approach is all about and how it is set up

- what the advantages of such a set-up are and what you can achieve with it

Maintenance Dashboarding: Re-Defined

Are you still tossing and turning excel exports from your CMMS to analyze your maintenance tasks and costs? To be able to derive actions from these KPI's, you need democratized data put into context.

Learn from our expert and Digital Consultant Winnie Brouns in about 15 minutes:

- how you can save time setting up effective dashboards for maintenance analytics

- how a data-value chain with actionable improvements is realized

- how you can actually optimize your maintenance performance based on data

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