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Data Driven Performance Improvement

“How can I use data to further optimize my plant performance?”

“Where to start?”

These two questions are on the desks of our customers in the process industry. Plant managers, Operations managers, Engineering managers and Maintenance manager are puzzling with these questions. They have data available and different stakeholders around them are pushing to do “something” with big data, digitalization, data science or digital transformation, the big buzzwords of the last years.

This resulted in a variety of projects from small experiments to large investment projects connecting IIoT devices and data lakes to do “something” with data. Results also heavily varied from successful pilots to expensive learnings. One customer claimed: "We invested already one million Euros in just setting up infrastructure and the organization, but no value created yet."

Bilfinger Digital Next acknowledges both questions and defined a structured approach to answer how to use data to optimize your plant’s performance and where to start. And … we deliver the answers in 3 days. Our defined approach is “The Value Workshop”.

The project list is the core of the Value Workshop approach. It includes quantified and validated improvement projects based on the main value pillars: Business drivers, Assets potential and Data map.

1. Business drivers

What drives your business? Can you sell more if you produce more? Or should the focus be on cost savings on production, maintenance or energy?

2. Assets potential

What assets still have improvement potential? Are you already running your assets at their optimal performance?

3. Data mapping

Do you have really the right data? We consider:

  • Availability
  • Accessibility
  • Quality

Structured Approach

In this structured approach, we help our customers to build a project list with valuable and feasible projects that can be executed to improve performance based on data. Firstly, your business drivers are identified followed by the assessment of your assets with respect to their potential in relation to your business drivers. As consequential step, we map and evaluate your available data sources, which can be leveraged to gain valuable and actionable insight.

The workshop setting is the ideal environment to bring together our expertise with our costumers’ experts who have the domain knowledge about their production process (value stream) and their core assets. In a number of iterations, we validate the list of assets with potential and condense this to a concrete list of projects that are feasible and that have a positive return on investment.

Offline and online approach

Our standard approach is to execute The Value Workshop on-site in a 3-day workshop. In three days, we take your team through multiple sessions to retrieve all necessary information. Management impact is on average 4 hours a day whereas your experts (based on topic) are involved 6-8 hours a day.

With the new situation regarding COVID-19, we mirrored our approach to an online experience. Though we prefer the on-site approach for the interaction and really seeing and experiencing the plant environment, the online approach has some additional advantages:

  • Less impact on daily operations
  • Flexible planning over multiple days
  • No travel cost

Because there is no travel required, it is easier to divide all activities over multiple days (even over the week). For the online version we schedule shorter sessions to keep focus and energy of participants at a maximal level.


How do we deliver the same quality online?

1. Digital Native Team
As we are a digital native company all of our people are heavily used to work remotely, online and with all sorts of collaboration tools.

2. Managed online process
To host or execute effective workshops both offline and online you need to manage the process. Find here below a part of our setup we use to guarantee quality outcomes of our sessions.
a.  Experienced Moderator
b.  Short effective sessions
c.  Interactive
d.  Prepared canvas templates
e.  Rules and guidelines effective virtual sessions
f.   Pretest connection and use of tools with customer

3. Our Technology

We use proven meeting software and online collaboration tools to facilitate successful online workshops.

So what is the best alternative to the on-site Value Workshop?

It is the online Value Workshop!