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How to become data driven and minimize impact of COVID-19 on process industries

The Corona virus has largely changed our understanding of work. But the show must go on and one of the main challenges in the process industries is “How to maintain and even improve plant performance when many of the executives, engineers and managers have to limit contact with their plants, teams and sites?”

For people who are physically disconnected from their usual workplaces and tools, it can be very hard to make the right decisions. The business may also be subject to substantial operational and financial risks if the right decisions are not taken quickly. So how can these risks be minimized? In this article, we focus on one potential method: “Being Data-Driven”.

Is it too late to become data-driven?

There is a lot of truth to the old adage “better late than never”. In order to start your digitalization journey and become data-driven, however, certain key questions need to be answered. These include: 

  • What assets and data sources need to be connected?
  • How can as many data sources as possible be easily yet securely connected and integrated?
  • How can the necessary information be provided to relevant employees?
  • How can the scalability and business impact be ensured?

Here at Bilfinger, our primary focus over the course of the past years has been on helping the process industries find the best answers to these questions. Even when data is plentiful and easy to collect, our clients still experience difficulty obtaining the required data from different sources and transforming it into something useful without the right skills as well as monitoring, alerting and analytics tools.

As a result, we made sure that Bilfinger Connected Asset Performance (BCAP®) addresses all of these concerns.

How can Bilfinger help you become data driven with BCAP?

During an initial phase and in the course of a structured approach, our industry experts and data scientists identify the critical assets and data sources as per your requirements. While multiple interfaces can be supported to connect your data, BCAP API has proven to be a cost-effective way to achieve it. BCAP’s scalable Azure-based architecture allows for the seamless integration and combination of various industrial data sources.

‘Security by design’ and ‘User Centricity’ are among our key promises to clients. Following these, BCAP utilizes comprehensive mechanisms provided by Microsoft Azure so that the device and service authentication as well as data transmission can take place securely.

BCAP’s web-based User Interface has been designed based on intensive and continuous industrial user experience research in accordance with best-in-class methods. The BCAP UI, for example, can provide every role from operators to top-level management with the information and functions only relevant to that specific role.

What digital solutions does BCAP provide?

The current BCAP portfolio can provide solutions in the areas of

  • Plant, maintenance and energy intelligence
  • Asset monitoring
  • Smart alerting
  • Cognitive sound-based sensor
  • Virtual sensors
  • Asset health check and recommender systems
  • Smart search

You also have the flexibility to deploy third party solutions (e.g. self-service analytics, shift management, 3D plant view, etc.) from our trusted partners and make BCAP your central hub for industrial digital solutions.

Our solution experts can help you to identify the best combination of solutions for your specific industrial problems. You can choose from a wide variety of solutions to fit to your specific needs. These can be customized if necessary. In addition, our experts can support you by developing a new tailor-made AI-based solution. This can happen using an efficient and agile approach thanks to BCAP infrastructure, data toolset and learnings from vast number of successfully implemented solutions.

Benefits of becoming data-driven with BCAP

Every plant and digital solution is unique. To squeeze out their maximum potential, experts that have both comprehensive digitalization expertise and deep industry knowledge are essential. BCAP clients have access to the expertise of thousands of Bilfinger industry experts along with dedicated data scientists and digitalization consultants.

To ramp up your first steps into digitalization in the current situation, remote workshops can be offered for effective initial assessment and defining business cases with the highest impact.

Afterwards, BCAP allows you to integrate isolated data to analyze and unlock hidden insight with multiple solutions in a single platform. The complete BCAP framework is set up to deliver fast and tangible results to clients.

For example, following a short preparation and implementation period, you can start benefiting from insight and recommendations that enable transparent and fast decision-making in areas including:

  • Asset optimization
  • Product optimization
  • OEE improvement

The BCAP portal’s modular, role-based and intuitive user interface delivers flexibility in terms of solution choices so that you can:

  • Optimize return on investment
  • Improve information flow
  • Expand number of users and solutions as required  

 The benefits of becoming data driven can definitely help to reduce uncertainties. But the impact of digitalization reaches far beyond just the duration of this global pandemic.

Share your thoughts about our approach with us and feel free to forward this article to colleagues and friends who may find it useful.